Finally a Vegetarian!

Disclaimer: I’m not here to preach or shove anything down your throat. This is a short post sharing about why I turn vegetarian and how.



Not too long ago I made a firm decision of going vegetarian. Now, this change of diet was certainly unplanned. It all stated after I read a short article regarding the global food shortage and basically what it said was the huge amount of water and grain grown to feed cattle could be used to feed starving nations instead. If you know me, you would know I am all for this. I believe that people should help people if they are able so, this sort of opened my eyes. As I dig in deeper I found a lot of health benefits on being vegetarian as well. Now, I am not the healthiest person in the world but within the past year I took the initiative to start being healthy and I figured turning vegetarian could be the second big step for me.

At first I didn’t think I could do it so I set myself a challenge to be a vegetarian for a whole week and figured hey, for a person who eats a ton of meat, chicken and seafood on a daily basis, at least I’m helping even though just by a little bit. I honestly thought I would crack by the second day but surprisingly I was still highly motivated to continue on the 5th day and by this time I have also experimented a few vegetarian dishes myself, which made me fall in love with cooking all over again. The end of the 7-day challenge pleasantly surprised me by how easy it is to become vegetarian. My initial thought was, especially in Brunei, where when you go to a restaurant can be fairly difficult to find dishes that don’t contain any meat, chicken, fish or other sea life. Turns out all you had to do was ask which dishes are suitable for your diet and also, I just found out there are actually a few vegetarian friendly restaurants in Brunei.

I hope this will expand my cooking creativity and continue to be a life changing journey that I will continue to enjoy.